Fighting fund


I am delighted to announce that the target we set ourselves to win an extra £500 a month in standing orders by July has already been reached, and we are still in April!

Congratulations to all those dedicated comrades who have pulled out the stops to make sure the Weekly Worker is able to pay for the new arrangements we were forced to adopt following the death of our printing press. This week saw the arrival of two new SO forms - a tremendous £40 monthly pledged by comrade JS, plus £10 from comrade LA. We now have £536 extra.

This has given us all great heart. We are convinced that the additional money that is still coming in will enable us to go beyond safeguarding and upping the quality of the print edition, to yet another higher stage, where we can start to think about an even better, more attractive paper. So we are not going to sit on our laurels and leave it at that - so impressive is the support and goodwill we have received, we are confident we can at least double our original target.

Thanks also this week go to comrade TR, who has sent in his usual £60 cheque, and comrade FJ, who apologises for the delay in supporting our appeal due to illness, but has now sent in a postal order for £25. Further donations came from FL (£20), CA and FT (£10 each). In total we have £696 towards the £1,000 we need for our April fighting fund (including SOs).

More good news - the number of online readers in continuing to increase. Last week there were 34,869. That figure helps explain why it is essential the Weekly Worker must not be hamstrung by financial constraints.