WW archive > Issue 717 - 17 April 2008


Juvenile; Irrelevant; Easy morals; Manson lie; Synergist; See you there; Left egos

Fighting fund


Victimisation of a militant

Graham Cooper reports the DWP attack on Lee Rock and the PCS

Green liquidationists snub Lindsey German

ISG tags green politics onto left reformism, reports Alan Morgan

How to break Mugabe's grip

Munyaradzi Gwisai, former MDC MP and a leader of the ISO, spoke to Peter Manson

On the defensive over Iraq

Ken Crisp looks at the Alliance for Workers' Liberty's latest discussion bulletin, which reveals an organisation in crisis

Left List no-platforms itself

Socialists should have the confidence to beat the BNP in the battle of ideas, writes Chris Strafford

CPB: Worst of both worlds

Dave Lynch exposes a reactionary sub-plot and reports complaints of sectarianism

'Solidarity' or the politics of Marxism

James Turley examines the future of Education Not for Sale and replies to the Alliance for Workers' Liberty over NUS conference

With the bureaucrats

Has a union witch-hunt reached into a campaign for solidarity with migrants? Gerry Downing reports on his exclusion as a speaker at the No Borders conference

Britain is just as corrupt as the house of Saud

UK/Saudi arms trade relies on dishing out bribes. Jim Moody reports

Financial crash or slowdown?

Bill Jefferies of Permanent Revolution replies to Hillel Ticktin on the strength of the world economy

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