Fighting fund


Two substantial new standing order commitments to report this week - thank you to AM for her £50 pledge and to CR for his extra £20. This has taken us a long way towards our target of raising an extra £500 in regular donations by July. In fact we now have £384 in additional income.

This week I also received the usual monthly cheque of £60 from comrade TR, plus a tenner each from MP (via PayPal) and BC. All that adds up to £589 towards our March fighting fund target of £1,000. Thanks go to all these generous supporters of our paper.

MP was the only online donor this week, by the way - despite an internet readership of 25,458 (of which 2,381 downloaded last week’s paper). So our web circulation remains constant at or around 25,000, far exceeding that for the print version. We did, however, sell around 100 copies of the Weekly Worker at the London anti-war demonstration on March 15.

What we need is for a much bigger percentage of that readership - whatever the medium - to support us financially. Our new £1,000 target is not an optional extra, but something we must reach every month by July at the latest. We are over halfway there this month, but there are only 10 days left to raise the remaining £411.

Let me talk you through making a donation online. Go to www.cpgb.org.uk with your credit or debit card ready. Scroll down until you see the yellow ‘Make a donation’ button. Fill in the form. Pretty painless, wasn’t it?