WW archive > Issue 713 - 20 March 2008


Forge unity; Agree to differ; Workers' game; Festive mood; Conspiracies; Zionist liar; Taming soviets; Daily drudge

Getting real about the BNP

Benjamin Klein takes issue with comrades Jim Grant and Dave Isaacson on the nature of the far right and the threat it poses

Fighting fund


Decline and fall of the eastern empire

Chris Gray concludes his series on the Roman empire by analysing the reasons for its survival in the east

George Galloway alibis Tehran

Alan Morgan explores the MP's excuses for Iran's murder of gays and his 'pink contingent' remarks

SWP's Respect flagship sinks

Respect humiliation following SWP arrogance in Manchester. Frank Gaskin reports

Multiculturalism and the working class

BBC's White season promotes division, says James Turley

Rival Respects go head to head in London

Peter Manson sorts through the election offerings

Fascism debate continues

Comrades at the CPGB aggregate meeting got to grips with important aspects of the question, reports Mary Godwin

Welsh determination

The All-Wales Convention is hardly something to get excited about, writes Bob Davies

Playing numbers game

A flawed Galloway and tired tactics from CPB and SWP speakers. Jim Moody reports from the Stop the War national demonstration

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