Fighting fund

Hard cash

After the tremendous success of February, the start of March’s fighting fund has turned out to be decidedly disappointing - just £80 received after the first week towards the new £1,000 target.

One big plus, though - we have now reached the halfway mark in our campaign to raise an extra £500 in monthly standing order donations by July, thanks to the new SO from comrade SM, who has pledged a handsome £30. We now have an additional £254 coming into the Weekly Worker each month in regular payments.

Last week marked the beginning of our new commercial printing arrangement. After several weeks of muddle and improvisation following the death of our press we struck a good deal which seems to be working well.

But the loss of our own printing capacity has left us needing to raise some extra hard cash - our back-of-the-envelope figure of £500 looks to have been pretty accurate. However, we cannot rely on a continual repeat of the magnificent total of £1,453 raised last month. That was reached as a result of some really generous one-off donations, but we cannot expect that sort of response to be repeated on a regular basis (the first week of March is a good illustration).

Apart from SM’s standing order, I also received two £20 cheques - from KR and FT - as well as a £10 note from TE. But nothing at all via our website, despite the 23,634 visitors.

Time and again, comrades praise us for the political work we are doing at the Weekly Worker. But we need more of them to put their money where their mouth is. Can you help us out with a regular commitment?