WW archive > Issue 711 - 06 March 2008


Carnival time; Valid; Anti-soviet; Green lessons; Youth rights; SWP partners; Why can't you?

Fighting fund

Hard cash

In the middle of the 'Road'

Lawrence Parker reveals new evidence of Stalin's legacy in the post-war CPGB programme

The prince and 'national unity'

Harry drops bombs to 'save lives' while the media snuggles up to the state, reports James Turley

No alternative to reformism

Dave Vincent reports on a Manchester Trades Council debate on union support for the Labour Party and argues for breaking the link

Expansion and upheaval

Chris Gray continues his series on the Roman empire with an examination of the period 31BCE-284CE

SWP Left Lift fiasco

Mark Fischer sees a sect cohering around its leaders as Rees and German press ahead to save political face

Marxist thinking and Newtonian parallels

Jack Conrad continues his defence of dialectical and historical materialism

What sort of party?

The LCR is calling for the construction of a new revolutionary party in France. Jean-Michel Edwin of the Prom�th�e group argues that it should be based on three key principles

Promoting Hezbollah

From al-Moussawi's nationalism to Tony Benn's illusions in the UN den of thieves, World Against War has everything bar revolutionary ideas. John Jo Sidwell reports

All-Arab solution needed for Palestine

What other force can realistically stand up to the might of Israel, sponsored and supported by the US? asks Jim Moody

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