WW archive > Issue 708 - 14 February 2008

Driven by ideas

How should communists approach campus work? In the first place by understanding the contradictory class position of students, argues Mike Macnair


More popper; Naked truth; Overlooker; Never forget; While stocks last; Rational; Mouthpiece

Rowan Williams and SWP lies

In Respect, Chris Bambery lied again and again. Secularism 'justifies' islamophobia, advocating secularism plays into the hands of those 'deliberately stoking up' islamophobia, etc. Yet now his Socialist Worker demands separation of church and state, writes James Turley

Roots of Stalinism

Results of research in the Moscow archives throws up new insights on the post-revolution period. Phil Kent reports

Not privileged nor persecuted

Jim Moody examines the impact of Rowan Williams's words in a Britain that is far from secular, at least in terms of its constitution

Hopi: support grows in Ireland

Anne McShane was encouraged by a number of recent meetings on Iran

Is the party a halfway house?

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group replies to the CPGB's Mike Macnair on the present roots of the national Marxist party in Britain

Student unions must be won to communism

Ted North tells of spreading the message in Sheffield

Looking good

Partisans for the paper. Mary Godwin reports on the CPGB's February aggregate meeting

Expansion and slave society

In the second article in his series on the Roman empire Chris Gray examines the imperial oligarchy

Fighting fund

Taking steps

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