WW archive > Issue 707 - 07 February 2008

End of the road for tower

David Douglass, former NUM branch official and Yorkshire area executive member, looks back at a cooperative experiment


Sad to say; Bloody cheek; I was there; Well red; Von who?; Platform; Answer

Conway scandal silence

They just keep on coming - yet another financial scandal ripples through Westminster. James Turley looks at the facts, the lessons and the embarrassment of the SWP

Riddle of the headscarf

Esen Uslu calls for a democratic working class programme to defeat both wings of the bourgeoisie

Patricians and plebeians

What lessons does the class struggle in ancient Rome have for today? Chris Gray begins a series of articles with the plebeian fight for equality

Determinist regurgitation

Simon Wells refutes the 'discovery' of political genes

Apologetics and violence

Chris Strafford reports on how the Iranian regime's supporters treat debate

Rank and filism beckons

Alan Stevens reports on the Organising For Fighting Unions London day school

Lies and more lies

Misleaders of the SWP continue to try to deceive its members, writes Jim Moody

What is fascism?

Is it a matter of principle that communists should attempt to deny organisations of the extreme right a platform? Jack Conrad provides historical background in support of his motion to be put to the February 9 CPGB aggregate

Fighting fund


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