WW archive > Issue 695 - 01 November 2007

Fight for NUS democracy

If the left wants to defeat the NUS bureaucracy in its attempt to abolish the last vestiges of democracy in the student union, our campaign against the attacks must say more than just 'no'. Communist Students member Tina Becker reports


Book battles; INLA’s past; ‘Innocent’ art; Clear slogans; It's a shame; Anti-semitism

In the footsteps of WRP?

The pro-Iran apologetics at the Stop the War conference brought back unsavoury memories of Gerry Healy's 'Libyan gold'. James Turley examines the history

Why the witch-hunt?

Cameron Richards examines why Hands Off the People of Iran and Communist Students have been made scapegoats

Filling a political gap

Yassamine Mather of Hopi spoke to Mark Fischer after the Stop the War Coalition conference

Bleak white paper

The White paper on NUS governance in brief

'Lie number five: Iran is undemocratic'

Extracts from Somaye Zadeh's speech, moving the main motion on Iran on behalf of Campaign Iran

'Don't confuse the poor workers'

At the STWC conference, Campaign Iran played the role of blatant apologist for the Iranian regime. Tina Becker takes a closer look

Friends of Tehran

The annual conference of the Stop the War Coalition upheld the decision to exclude Hands Off the People of Iran and Communist Students. Mohsen Sabbagh reports

Debating perspectives

Mary Godwin reports on the CPGB's members aggregate on October 28

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