WW archive > Issue 678 - 21 June 2007

Who killed off the movement?

Torab Saleth of Workers Left Unity Iran points the finger at the SWP for its pro-Tehran apologetics


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North East to Far East

Berlin solidarity

Support Die Linke - but organise to fight

As of June 16 the two dominant forces on the German left, the Linkspartei.PDS and the WASG, formally ceased to exist and joined forces to create the new left party, Die Linke. Ben Lewis reports from Germany

Left pragmatism led to Blair and Brown

As far as most people are concerned, the question raised by the Labour Party's deputy leadership election was not 'Who will win?' but rather 'Who cares who wins?' Mary Godwin comments

Back on the agenda

The process of imposing a European Union constitution has resumed, writes Jim Moody

All-American hero

AJ Byrne reviews Andy Stern's Getting America back on track: a country that works

Copenhagen launch

How to build Marxist unity

CPGB makes no concrete suggestions for actually building a Marxist party, argues Phil Sharpe of the Democratic Socialist Alliance

From mighty messiahs to mere mortals

Superheroes like Batman and Spiderman mean lucrative movies and reviews in The Times and The Guardian. Yet the very first superhero, Superman, was invented by two working class teenagers during the depression. Mike Belbin looks at the development of the genre and what it may tell us about its makers and audiences

Problems and potentialities

The Communist Party's annual fundraising drive begins on June 23. Howard Roak looks at the possibilities

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