WW archive > Issue 674 - 25 May 2007

The Windsor boy

Evidently the chief of the general staff feels that prince Harry's life is worth so much more than the life of every other soldier that he cannot be allowed to risk it in the hell-hole that the US and UK forces have made of Iraq. Jim Moody comments


Indecision; Split!; No fool he; Bad grammar; Occupation; Respect error; Neo-imperialism; Flexible?; Max mirror; Taking sides; Domination; Library wars; Charity case

Solidarity signatories

Steve Cooke reports the latest from the Hands Off People of Iran campaign

Defeat was fault of enemy machine guns

Mike Macnair replies to Dave Brown and Gerry Downing who argued last week that the defeats of the 20th century are not grounds to rethink the strategic ideas of the early Comintern

Skinheads and solidarity

Brett Reid reviews This is England, in which director director Shane Meadows has attempted to bring back to life the progressive side of skinhead culture

SWP "relative autonomy"

James Turley reviews Alex Callinico's Universities in a neoliberal world (Bookmarks, 2006, pp41, ?2)

Coherent strategy

Did James Connolly lead the Citizen Army into the dead end of nationalism? Did Ken Loach accurately reflect Irish history in The wind that shakes the barley? Philip Ferguson responds to Jim Creegan

No saviour from on high

Stan Keable replies to Phil Sharpe on the right strategy for the Campaign for a Marxist Party

House-building under construction

Communists need a pool to swim in, not a fish tank, argues Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Waiting for the messiah

Mike Sambo of the International Socialist Organisation reports from Harare

Plaid Cymru divides over Tory coalition

Cameron Richards reports on the political crisis in Wales

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