WW archive > Issue 669 - 19 April 2007

Right to bear arms, not commit murder

The "right of the people to keep and bear arms" is an essentially progressive concept, as far as communists are concerned, says Eddie Ford


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Plans for activity

The April 14 aggregate of CPGB members discussed the threat of an imminent attack on Iran and the need to step up the profile of the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign. Mary Godwin reports

Party standing on principle

Sajid Mehmood is the Respect candidate for Park ward in the metropolitan district council of Calderdale. Peter Manson spoke to him about his strange route into Respect - via Labour, the Tories and Labour again

HOPI gains support

The Hands Off the People of Iran campaign staged an effective intervention at this week's Scottish Trades Union Congress in Glasgow. Marcila Gharib reports

Call to work harder

Will Lindsey German split anti-Tory vote for London mayor? Simon Wells reports on the Respect meeting to select candidates for the Greater London Assembly elections

Dance of death

The US and its UK junior partner have proved unable to rebuild Iraq into a 'normal' society. But what happens now that the US-UK is staring defeat in the face? Will it mean peace? A massive airborne strike against Iran is becoming more and more likely, warns Jim Moody

Programme, or ad hoc reflections?

Mike Macnair replies to Phil Sharpe on the question of programme

Link in the chain

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group elaborates his theory of 'democratic permanent revolution'

Ken Loach's use of Irish history

US communist Jim Creegan revisits the controversy over a film that has at last reached New York

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