WW archive > Issue 666 - 29 March 2007

Gift for militarist faction

Last week, when the militarist faction in the Iranian regime realised they had captured 15 British marines and sailors, it must have seemed like a gift from heaven. Yassamine Mather reports


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Change does not come through invasions

Contrary to what some in the John for Leader camp have suggested, John McDonnell himself has unambiguously expressed not only his ongoing solidarity with Iranian workers, students, women and democrats, but his continued support for the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign. Steve Cooke reports

McDonnell and lesser evilism

None of the large, Labour-affiliated unions have come on board the campaign to elect John McDonnell leader of the Labour Party, and even some of his Socialist Campaign Group comrades are not backing him. Jim Moody looks at the reasons for their reticence

Nationalist blind spot

Sections of the left in Australia and New Zealand are happy to rail against what the US army is doing on the other side of the world, writes Scott Hamilton. But they fall into line when 'our troops' are involved in operations in our own backyard

Always imperialist

The third London meeting of the Campaign for a Marxist Party, on Sunday March 25, discussed the disastrous consequences that flow from a flawed reading of Lenin's flawed theory. Mary Godwin reports

Legitimising anti-semitism

As the Israel lobby comes under unprecedented attack in the US and George Soros is described as "a cog in the Hitlerite wheel", Gilad Atzmon and his friends continue to peddle conspiracy theories, writes Tony Greenstein

Clinging to Trotskyist pieties

There is no movement in Britain to set up a new 'mass workers' party', argues Mike Macnair. What can be achieved, however, is a united party of the Marxists

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