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Will Tehran be next?

Every day the media publish new information about plans for a military attack on Iran and, although many of these stories are simply recounting previous revelations, there is no doubt that the danger of (limited or extensive) military action by the US is now very real. Yassamine Mather reports


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Not a mistake but a state crime

Four years after the invasion, Iraq continues to sink deeper into the morass. Mike Macnair analyses the current situation

Mobilise the dispossessed

Shanty town dwellers make up an ever increasing proportion of the population in the cities of the so-called third world. They have been used as the battering ram of counterrevolution, but this is not inevitable. They can be won by the left. This is an edited version of a speech delivered to Communist University 2006 by comrade Mehdi Kia and is entirely based on research done by Ardeshir Mehrdad - co-editor of Iran Bulletin - Middle East Forum. Comrade Mehrdad had previously presented the core of this research in two four-hour talks to the 2006 Socialist Forum. This article must not be reproduced in whole or in part

A strategy to finish the new American century

A US in relative decline is striving to retain global hegemony, writes Nick Rogers. The latest threats against Iran emphasise once again the fragility of the current imperialist order and the urgency of communist organisation to oppose it

An unsubstantiated sloppy mish-mash

David Douglass reviews Ian Hernon's Riot (Pluto Press, 2006, pp320, £19.99)

What kind of programme?

Mary Godwin reports from the second London meeting of the Campaign for a Marxist Party, held on Sunday February 18

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