WW archive > Issue 653 - 14 December 2006

Copyright or human need

Communists are for the freedom of information, says Mike Macnair


Illegal; Preoccupation; Good PR; Boring; Silly mid-off; Colonial; Closed borders; Innocent thoughts; Christian names; Christian names; Wage labour; Against a Marxist Party; NUJ support; Not political; Not nationalist

Multiculturalism: facing both ways

Tony Blair's December 8 speech on multiculturalism shows that his government has no coherent programme to deal with the fact that the majority of British muslims oppose his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and are in general deeply alienated. Jim Moody reports

CS conference debates way forward

At the founding conference of Communist Students in Sheffield on Saturday December 9, some 20 comrades, most of them not members of the CPGB, were present. Ted North reports

No more historical abortions

Hillel Ticktin highlights the bogus nature of planning in the Soviet Union and locates the central importance of Europe for the transition to socialism

Fantastic reality - Marxism and the politics of religion

Religion is back with a vengeance. George Bush and the US christian right, holy Tony Blair and Britain's islamophobia, Russia's reinstalled orthodox church and India's saffron communalism, the toxic evangelicalism sweeping Africa and Latin America, Saudi Arabia's puritanical wahhabism and al Qa'eda's terrorism of spectacle, the Iranian theocracy and everywhere, it seems, the escape into the trench warfare of religious identity. But what is religion? In this extract from the introduction to his new book, Jack Conrad shows that the answer is not as straightforward as it might first appear

Kautsky, Lenin and Trotsky

What were the differences, strengths and similarities? Jack Conrad investigates

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