WW archive > Issue 652 - 07 December 2006

SWP accommodates to Scottish nationalism

The Scottish Socialist Party and Solidarity are striving to become junior partners of the Scottish National Party, writes Jim Moody


Open book; Anarchist candle; Dreams; Sickening; Political remark; Elitist CPGB; Modest hopes; Support act; SSP smears; Mortal danger; What’s in a name?; Specific point; Simple question; Self-deceptions; Not transitional; Soviets; De St Croix; You decide

Permanent revolution and state power

As Jack Conrad shows, the Marx-Engels theory of permanent revolution does not preclude the workers' party participating in government

Chávez landslide

After Chávez's victory in the presidential election, Venezuela is at the crossroads, writes Nick Rogers. The working class must assert its political independence

Holy diplomacy amid coup rumours

The pope's visit has laid bare the deep divisions in Turkish society. Esen Uslu of the Communist Party of Turkey reports

Low-key rally

Dave Isaacson reports from the so-called 'conference' of Student Respect, which attracted no more than 80 people - a reflection of the state of the organisation nationally

Marxist position on war

Mary Godwin reports on the December 2-3 CPGB school on 'War and Revolution'

Seeds of the new society

Within the symptoms of decline, Hillel Ticktin argues, there are anticipations of the future

No strategy for free education

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