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Poles apart, or workers' unity?

Ewa Jasiewicz is a Transport and General Workers Union organiser in the north-west with particular responsibility for the recruitment of Polish migrant workers. She spoke to Peter Manson


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The tipping point

Under the leadership of John Rees and Alex Callinicos, the International Socialist Tendency has swung violently to the right over the last year or two. That has directly affected the left in Zimbabwe. Here is a country ruled by gangsters, paralysed by successive opposition failures and undergoing a horrendous and seemingly never ending socioeconomic collapse. Despairing at the possibilityof organising a working class-led revolution against the Zanu-PFregime, some are now crudely mimicking the rainbow politics of Respect. Personifying this shift is Briggs Bomba (picture). A year ago he proudly billed himself as the international coordinator of the International Socialist Organisation (the IST's Zimbabwean affiliate). Now he modestly describes himself as "a social justice activist" and calls for what amounts to a popular front

A tale of two rallies

Last weekend saw the SSP and Tommy Sheridan's Solidarity grouping organising rival rallies to formally signal the completion of the split. Nick Rogers reports from Glasgow

New Tebbit test

Mary Godwin reports on the crisis of multiculturalism - and why communists should have never supported it

SSP crisis: rebuild on socialist principle

Statement of the Workers' Unity platform

Solidarity with the SSP

Sheridan's breakaway is the wrong split, for the wrong reasons, at the wrong time, writes Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Iran's workers need support

Iran's president Ahmadinejad is a defender of neoliberalism, says Yassamine Mather

In revealing company

Jack Conrad draws parallels between 'proletarian nationalism' and the SSP and Solidarity in Scotland today

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