WW archive > Issue 627 - 01 June 2006

Changes and responses

Climate change is nothing new. Nor can we stop it. What we need, insists Jack Conrad, is a society that can cope with sudden change


Victory parade; Demo shots; Fresh air; Royal welcome; Raw deal; Last straw; Shell shock; Do I know you?; SheridanÂ’s war; Peter the rave

Come to your senses

Statement by Alan McCombes on his release from Saughton jail, May 29

Off the rails

The launch of the Euston Manifesto on May 25 in London's Union Chapel showed that this 'initiative' - which has attracted a large amount of media attention - is totally bereft of vision, repeats all the standard CIA tropes about terrorism and, more than that, fears open debate

A Chartist trade union party?

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group looks forward to a synthesis of reform and revolution

Scottish Socialist Party spirals into all out civil war

Peter Manson looks at the factions and politics behind the headlines and Tommy Sheridan's grab for power

Sheridan: SSP is my party

Open letter to SSP members from Tommy Sheridan headed 'Yes to class solidarity and socialist unity. No to political witch-hunts and personal character assassinations' and dated May 28

Ireland debate continues

Mary Godwin reports from the May 28 CPGB members' aggregate

Bum-numbing conspiracy

Jeremy Butler reviews The da Vinci code

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