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True heirs; Gross product; Half a world away; Reasoned; Full-blooded; Housing ladder; Core values; Arms control; Future tense

Communist University North

Carey Davies reports from Communist University North, which took place on April 29-30 in Sheffield

Reactionary hysteria

The furore over "1,000 foreign criminals" raises some basic questions about rehabilitation, border controls and chauvinist discrimination, writes Eddie Ford

Members need political strategy

Lee Rock, national secretary of PCSU Socialist Caucus, reports on the May 2-3 strike of tens of thousands of civil servants

Minimal wage

The WASG and the L.PDS have launched a campaign for a legal minimum wage in Germany - but €8 an hour is not enough

80 years since the general strike - From world war to councils of action

Jack Conrad begins a series of articles examining the 1926 general strike

Ben Lewis

CPGB comrade Ben Lewis stood as a candidate in the elections for the six vacant posts on the WASG national executive

Against war, for workers' rights

Yassamine Mather reports on Iranian workers taking to the streets on May Day

What we need

For the first time in many years there was actually some kind of showing from the trade unions on the London May Day march. Alan Fox reports

Tactics and principle

Tina Becker spoke to Sascha Stanicic, spokesperson of the Socialist Party's sister organisation in Germany, Sozialistische Alternative (SAV), about the thorny question of Berlin and the opposition in the WASG

German CWI blocs with right

It became clear over the weekend that Sozialistische Alternative (SAV), the German section of the Socialist Party's Committee for a Workers' International, has manoeuvred itself into an untenable position over Berlin

Winners need not apply

The fans' alienation is reflected in the call for the new English coach, says Lawrence Parker

Berlin haunts proceedings

Tina Becker and Ben Lewis report from the April 29-30 conference of the Wahlalternative Arbeit und Soziale Gerechtigkeit (WASG) in Ludwigshafen. Intended to smooth the way for unity with the Linkspartei.PDS, it was marked by discontent, threats and the profound disorientation of the left opposition

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