'Reformism from above'?

Anne Mc Shane compares Respect's election materials to Socialist Worker's 'What the Socialist Workers Party stands for' column

"The present system cannot be patched up or reformed "¦ it has to be overthrown. There is no parliamentary road. The structures of the present parliament, army, police and judiciary cannot be taken over and used by the working class "¦ At most parliamentary activity can be used to make propaganda against the present system" ('What the Socialist Workers Party stands for' Socialist Worker).

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Driven by neglect

The British National Party really could not have hoped for better press in the lead-up to the May local elections in England. Huw Bynon reports

War and revolutionary strategy

Mike Macnair puts the record straight on Lenin's call for defeatism and insists on the necessity of the left taking the democratic question of arms seriously

Difficult birth pangs

April 29-30 will see conferences of WASG and the Linkspartei.PDS. Both are crucial for the working class in Germany. The formation of a fused party will be at the core of proceedings. Ben Lewis reports from Germany

Darker shades of green

Jack Conrad questions the romantic images presented by green primitives and cautions against the seductive lures of ecofascism

Natural insights

Derek Wall, a founder member of Green Revolution, the socialist platform in the Green Party of England and Wales, reviews Nikolai Bukharin Philosophical Arabesques Pluto Press, 2005, pp407, £35

Weekly Worker 621 is also available in PDF format