WW archive > Issue 612 - 16 February 2006

Respect after George Galloway's celebrity bid

What will happen to Respect when George Galloway "retires from politics" in order to "speak, write, read, relax, love"? Ian Mahoney reports


Funding need; Choice remarks; Honest John?; Danish blue; Parallel lies; Bafflement; Notts puzzle; In tatters; Wild claims; Use and abuse; No preconditions

SWP and freedom of speech

Michelle Euston reports on the Socialist Workers Party's rally 'Socialists and the Movement' in London, while Ted North attended the event in Sheffield

Self-determination and the British-Irish

Jack Conrad argues in defence of thesis 19

Islamophobia: no! Free speech: yes!

Peter Manson analyses the furore over the Danish cartoon controversy

Rebranding exercise

What is the content behind the image? Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group recommends 'Arise'

Oppose all blasphemy laws

Communists fight for the complete separation of church and state, says Eddie Ford

Floundering towards Eurocommunism

While Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire theorists flounder towards Eurocommunism, the SWP's Alex Callinicos can only answer them with evasion. In the first of two articles, Mike Macnair discusses revolutionary strategy

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