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Rein in Galloway

George Galloway might think that by paying back part of his parliamentary salary he can take some of the wind out of his enemy's sails - but his gesture exposes again the fact that his appearance on Celebrity big brother had everything to do with advancing his reputation as a media personality and very little with Respect or working class principles, says Tina Becker


Royal ‘we’; Forgive and forget; STWC appeal; Iran bus strike; Like a shot; Posing; Farce; Spot on; Socialist bans; Digging a hole

A caring Zionism

Carey Davies reviews Steven Spielberg's Munich

Learn military art

From VI Lenin, 'The military programme of the proletarian revolution' (1916 - www.marxists.org)

History of Hamas

An examination of Hamas's roots, both historical and political-theological, reveals beyond doubt that its anti-Zionism and anti-imperialism is programmatically counterrevolutionary, argues Eddie Ford. Or, to put it more starkly, in Hamas we encounter a reactionary ideology of the oppressed

Fight for soldiers' rights

Emily Bransom comments on demands by disgruntled British soldiers to form their own 'armed forces federation'

No champion of the oppressed

Socialists should not celebrate Hamas's victory in the Palestinian elections. Women and secular forces will very likely be the first to suffer, says Katherine Quinn

Two tales of child abuse

Don Williamson reviews BBC's When Satan came to town, an unsettling documentary about social workers obsessed with the idea that a whole working class estate in Rochdale was experiencing ritual satanic child abuse

Revisiting colonial horrors

Louise Whittle reviews Michael Haneke's stunning new film Hidden

Freedom of speech still in danger

While Blair's defeat over religious incitement is to be welcomed, the new law could still be wielded against the working class, writes Peter Manson. That is why it is appalling that George Galloway and Respect were New Labour's only allies in the Commons

What's principle got to do with it?

At the 'Defy section 9' conference in Manchester, the comrades from the SWP again tried to prevent the meeting from taking principled positions on the question of immigration, reports Dave Isaacson

Security, control and principled debate

Does our paper's fight for transparency in the workers' movement play games with "people's lives and livelihoods"? The letter below from Mike Davies, a member of the left nationalist group, Cymru Goch, makes that charge. Mark Fischer replies

More ballots, more bullets

We are approaching the third anniversary of the big anti-war demonstrations before the invasion. Mike Macnair takes stock of the anti-war movement and the current situation in Iraq

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