WW archive > Issue 605 - 15 December 2005

Losing the plot

The latest meeting of Respect Hackney underlined the profound crisis of the comrades in the Socialist Workers Party over their role in Respect - they either ignore oppositional voices or they shout them down. Tina Becker reports

One-dimensional Marxism and proposition one

Why does the CPGB accuse the Socialist Workers Party of economism? Jack Conrad explains with a look at the 'where we stand column' in Socialist Worker and the comrades' attitude to nature, ecology and global warming

Booze and moral panics

How should communists view the new '24-hour-drinking'-legislation? Eddie Ford says that alcohol and drugs are class questions

Optimism and escape

Jeremy Butler reviews The lion, the witch and the wardrobe, which has led to the opening of a new front in the war of words between christianity and its critics

Building the new

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group looks at the newly established Socialist Alliance

Chávez and the AWL

Nick Rogers replies to Paul Hampton from the Alliance of Workers' Liberty

We are better than them!

Peter Manson reports from last Saturday's 'international peace confernce' in London, which was more of a rally - and gave no answers as to what the anti-war movement should be doing next

Two-ward timid token

Stan Keable attended the latest meeting of Respect West London - and was surprised by the pessimistic mood of the comrades

Being in Respect and going through the SWP

Mary Godwin reports from the latest CPGB members' aggregate, which saw lively debates on Respect, the finances of the organisation and Ireland

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