WW archive > Issue 600 - 10 November 2005

State of emergency against youth revolt

While France explodes, the left pontificates. Peter Manson exposes the narrow-mindedness of economism

For a Sixth Republic

Blogs censored

Internet host Skyblog has closed down several blogs after comments in favour of the rioters were posted. Nevertheless others have sprung up to replace them, some exercising self-censorship. All express a variety of views, including from people in the cités (estates)

Lethargic decline

Anne Mc Shane reports from the latest meeting of Hackney Respect, which discussed climate change and chose delegates to Respect conference

The only answer is revolution

The book 'Marx's ecology - materialism and nature' by John Bellamy Foster does much to reclaim a lost tradition of ecological thinking in Marxism. As CPGB comrades in London draw towards to the end of an extensive series of seminars based on this work, Mark Fischer spoke to the author about the relationship of red and green

Going to conference

CPGB member Dave Isaacson has been selected a delegate to Respect conference

Meat and drink

Ted North reports from a meeting of University of Sheffield Respect Society, which was addressed by George Galloway

What the French left says

Parti Communiste Français

Cloth crap?

Lawrence Parker confesses to liking Trinny and Susannah's TV programme What not to wear

Debates from amongst the wreckage

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group gives his account of the issues involved at this weekend's attempt to launch another Socialist Alliance

Communists tell it as it is

We fight not for some halfway house, for diplomatic peace or for a federal non-aggression pact, writes Ian Mahoney. We fight for principled unity

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