WW archive > Issue 586 - 21 July 2005

Weak, but still alive

Maria Exall is LRC vice-chair and a member of the national executive council of the Communication Workers Union. She spoke to Mark Fischer

A vote for human freedom

Weak, but still alive

At its annual general meeting at Congress House on Saturday July 16, the Labour Representation Committee established itself as probably the most serious grouping currently active on the left of Labour. Dave Lewis was there

Urgent action required

The irony of Israel Shamir

Zionism and anti-semitism feed off each other, argues Tony Greenstein

Condoning opportunism

Broken silence

Establishment closes ranks

Communists must fight to defeat new onslaught on democratic rights, says Orla Connolly

SA open letter

Unreliable allies

Confused mish-mash

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