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Personal services

Aid, debt and fair trade

The three demands of Make Poverty History (parroted by Gordon Brown) do not even come close to challenging the structures that keep Africa - and much of the rest of the world - in poverty. Without thoroughgoing democracy and working class self-empowerment the demands of MPH can only reinforce the illusion that capitalism can bring about the end of poverty through the vague but seemingly radical notions of 'justice' and 'equality'. Yet the fact of the matter is that trade and aid under capitalism can only mean exacerbating uneven development and supplying the elite with even more opportunities to stash away unearned fortunes We need your help! No, we don't finance our organisation by selling our livers; wo don't have a T-shirt sweatshop in Turkey and we certainly don't have the heir to a nationwide chain of dry cleaners in our midst - these are only some of the weird explanations others on the left have made up to explain how we can raise £30,000 in two months (this year: June and July). In fact, we rely to 100% on party members, supporters, sympathisers and readers of the Weekly Worker. If you appreciate our open and democratic press, now is the time to show us! Rush your donations to us today. Click here to find out more about the Summer Offensive Click here to download a standing order form - regular income is particular important in order to plan ahead. Even £5/month can help! Send cheques, payable to CPGB, BCM Box 928, London WC1N 3XX Donate online: Can there be 'trade justice'?

For a South American continental federation

Eddie Ford reports about the situation in Bolivia - a country between revolution and counterrevolution

Truman smears

SSP press officer's accusations against CPGB

Fighting talk but no action

Lee Rock, national secretary of the PCSU Socialist Caucus, reports on the annual conference of the Public and Commercial Services Union

What's wrong with Make Poverty History?

Historic con trick

The G7's 'historic deal' to cancel the debt of some of the poorest countries is a fine example of what happens when genuine mass sentiment is taken over by the ruling elite - and turned into its opposite. Tina Becker says that communists must reject the politics of charity

Ultimatism and learning from history

Martin Ralph of the International Socialist League replies to Alan Stevens

Put up or shut up

To the executive committee of the Scottish Socialist Party - copies to: SSP national council; SSP members of the Scottish parliament - Tommy Sheridan (Glasgow); Rosie Kane (Glasgow); Colin Fox (Lothians); Frances Curran (West of Scotland); Carolyn Leckie (Central Scotland); Rosemary Byrne (South of Scotland)

Council challenge in Leytonstone

What's wrong with Live8?

Victory for pope

Six months after the tsunami

Ditching republicanism

Has criticism of the Good Friday agreement been "one-sided"? Liam O Ruairc responds to Sean MacGabhain of Sinn Féin

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