Solidarity, not charity

The Summer Offensive's total this week jumped to a healthy £2,991. Thanks to all party members and supporters who have contributed. I would particularly like to mention comrade AD, whose donation of £100 is much appreciated. Special thanks also go to party stalwart TR, who sent us a cheque for £60 and FJ for his donation of £15. With the prospect of the party's G8 campaigning work beginning in earnest over the next week, the momentum is starting to build. Our team going to Edinburgh in July will argue for 'solidarity, not charity' as the effective response to world poverty. Help us to make the communist voice heard by rushing your donations and standing orders to the party office now. You can also make a credit card donation by using our online facility via the CPGB website. Talking of which, we had 12,828 visitors last week. We could really do with some of those thousands helping our fundraising drive. Howard Roake