WW archive > Issue 580 - 09 June 2005

Solidarity, not charity

Mass action to defeat Mugabe

Thousands of "illegal buildings" have been destroyed by the Zanu PF regime in Zimbabwe, and tens of thousands made homeless. Munyaradzi Gwisai, leading member of the International Socialist Organisation (sister organisation of the Socialist Workers Party), gives the background to this assault and calls for a united fightback. Comrade Gwisai is the former Movement for Democratic Change MP for Highfield, Harare, and was elected on a revolutionary platform

Alienation personified

Michael Jackson obviously needs treatment, not punishment. His trial tells us a lot about today's alienated society, argues Eddie Ford

Opportunities and problems

Emily Bransom reports from the Respect post-election rally in Manchester

Give us our referendum now

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group calls for a democratic and socialist approach to the EU, its currency and its constitution

Representing our lives

Lee Hall Billy Elliott, the musical Victoria Palace Theatre, London

Smears and innuendoes

Leading members of the Scottish Socialist Party are yet again attacking the Weekly Worker - this time for feeding members' email addresses to the bourgeois media. Such absurd lies tell you a lot about the party's difficulties, argues Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson

Debating the dynamics of Respect

Mary Godwin reports from the latest CPGB members' aggregate, which discussed the Summer Offensive and the liquidationist trajectory of the SWP leadership

Open letter to Oliur Rahman

Oliur Rahman is Respect's first elected councillor. On May 5 he stood as parliamentary candidate for Poplar and Canning Town, winning a healthy 16.85% of the vote. He writes in Socialist Worker's Respect supplement (June 4) that electoral advance has put pressure on the local Labour Party. In Tower Hamlets, it is "going through difficult days" and a local paper even reports that "seven Labour councillors are planning to defect to Respect". But, quite rightly, the comrade is wary: "Serious consideration [of] Labour councillors who want to join Respect" is needed, he says. Respect will have to "look at their record" before they are allowed in

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