WW archive > Issue 571 - 07 April 2005

The right to say what is

Communists have fiercely opposed the Scottish Socialist Party's complete surrender to nationalism, writes Peter Manson. We are equally opposed to the SSP's intolerance - shared with much of the left - of anything resembling sharply expressed polemic

Communists and open polemic

An autocratic reactionary

Hitler and the angst-ridden corridors of Nazi power

Bernd Eichinger (director) Downfall general release

From words to deeds

Graham Bash calls for votes and support for Labour's anti-war candidates

Ghost of Labour past

The main aim of Respect's general election campaign is getting George Galloway elected as MP for Bethnal Green and Bow

Vote Labour anti-war

Dining hall revolution

God's cold war warrior

Communists and open polemic

Communists and open polemic

Wasted opportunity

George Galloway displayed his catholic credentials on the BBC's Question time last week, when he firmly sided with the disgusting 'right to life' propaganda of the dead pope and George W Bush

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