WW archive > Issue 563 - 10 February 2005

Communists and the EU

Levent Dalyan gives the viewpoint of the Communist Party of Turkey

Not a great day for SWP

Steve Freeman of the SA Democracy Platform and Republican Socialist Tendency pledges to work for a new Socialist Alliance

Matt Wrack victory


Left unity and separatism

This weekend the national conference of the Scottish Socialist Party will witness its first outing post-Tommy Sheridan and will allow us to judge how well it has weathered the convulsions of the last few months

Will Iran be next?

Does Bush intend to attack Tehran? Mehdi Kia, co-editor of Iran Bulletin - Middle East Forum, looks at the Iran-Iraq-US triangle

Science and social choices

A good day

While the Socialist Alliance was being put to the sword in one part of the University of London Union, the Labour left met elsewhere in the same building in the shape of Labour Against the War

Zionism and the holocaust

One day Blair and Howard are competing over who can deport the most refugees. The next they are proclaiming their horror at the holocaust and promising 'never again'. This testifies to the resilience and adaptability of capitalism, argues Tony Greenstein

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