WW archive > Issue 557 - 16 December 2004


Pregnant children; Unison challenge; Street power; Brian and Ian; WASG and Respect; New alliance?

Which way for ESF?

Things have to change - a lot. The lack of democracy and accountability in the run-up to this year's European Social Forum in London has had the positive side effect of finally provoking sections of the European left to question the nature and effectiveness of our cooperation. In that sense, the small clique who kept the ESF London under such firm control has done us a favour. The ESF assembly in Paris on December 18-19 must now take some serious and concrete decisions on the way ahead, says Tina Becker

International demonstration

March 19 numbers game

Greatest story ever told

Geza Vermes The authentic gospels of Jesus London 2004, pp446, £8.99

CPGB proposals

Democratise ESF assemblies

'Thank god it's them...'

Bob Geldof's charity-mongering is back this Christmas. Nathaniel Mehr looks behind the hype

The Blair-Falconer reform of the judiciary

For the third republic

Martin Schreader, editor of Appeal to Reason, paper of the revolutionary Debs faction of the Socialist Party US

One state, many opportunisms

Ask a straight, left nationalist question and you get a crooked answer from the SWP. That is what a recent exchange between Allan Green, Rob Hoveman and John Rees appears to show


Opposing the US-UK occupation and drawing class lines

Globalisation or imperialism?

John Ball examines rival theories which seek to explain recent world history and how the idea of empire has once again become acceptable in ruling circles

Binge-boozing Britain

Blair and his government tell us that we should all be very concerned about the excessive drinking habits of the British population, particularly at Christmas. Mark Fischer reckons they are trying to police more than our alcohol intake

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