WW archive > Issue 553 - 18 November 2004


Slate vote; Shopping list; SWP machine; No satellite

Limits of national liberation

Predictably, Yasser Arafat's demise drew a mixture of responses, ranging from the damning to the sycophantic: eg, Yasser Abed Rabbo, a Palestinian cabinet minister, described Arafat as the "greatest person in human history".

Secularism, atheism and Bolshevik lessons

Rumours and leadership crisis

On Thursday November 11 the news that Tommy Sheridan had stepped down as Scottish Socialist Party convenor was somewhat overshadowed in the media by the death of Yasser Arafat and the battle for Fallujah. However, the headlines since have been too sensationalist to be ignored and, if nothing else, prove that not all publicity is good publicity.

Turning unfortunate necessities into virtues

Autonomy, separatism and women's liberation

Shattered Fallujah now faces typhoid epidemic

One more dead end

Socialist Alliance member Charlie Pottins is circulating this departure letter, which holds out hope for the thoroughly undemocratic United Socialist Party

Limiting the fight

Call for democracy

Hot on the heels of his diplomatically worded critique of the Socialist Workers Party's intervention in Respect (see Weekly Worker November 11), veteran SWP leader John Molyneux has now turned his attention to the organisation's own regime and culture. In this contribution to the Pre-conference Bulletin No2, headed 'Democracy in the SWP', comrade Molyneux exposes the intolerance and monolithism of the leadership and, as "a strongly committed member of the SWP", calls for far-reaching cultural change.

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