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Gay-bashing; Refused; Abortion Rights; Language Rights; Insane abuse; Draft programme; Valid; What's the rush?

Wales at Sea

Gerrymandering, exclusions and the farce of three- minute democracy

The October 30-31 conference of Respect showed the SWP at its worst, writes Peter Manson: fixing delegations, voting down socialist and democratic principles, demonising opponents and riding roughshod over any remaining pretence of inclusivity

Constitutional shenanigans

Overstretched canvas

Kath Owen, Respect candidate in Yorkshire and Humber for the June 10 EU elections, responded to events at conference by submitting this letter of resignation


View from the US left

Martin Schreader, editor of Appeal to Reason, paper of the revolutionary Debs faction of the Socialist Party US

SWP in denial

Many independent delegates and observers were deeply unhappy with the intolerant atmosphere and blatant gerrymandering

Abolish the elected monarch

Kerry deserved to lose - Bush did not deserve to win

Civil service workers fight back

Lee Rock is London regional organiser of the Public and Commercial Services Union and a member of the CPGB. He spoke to Tina Becker about the November 5 civil service strike

Autumn colours or: Green turns to orange... and brown?

Michael Woodin, Caroline Lucas Green alternatives to globalisation: a manifesto Pluto Press, 2004, pp262, £11.99

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