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Prostrate; Homophobic anglicans; Defeatism; Resistance; Disorganised forum; True murder representation; Supported; No response; Factional stick

ESF 2004: Where next?

London's European Social Forum should be described as a success, says Tina Becker. Hopefully though, this year's event will become known as the last ESF that was simply a carnival of the left: the protests, the police, the poor attendance figures, the stitch-ups and the bureaucratic shenanigans have sparked a European-wide debate on the need to radically reassess what we are doing

Language rights and wrongs, Common fight

Reports of ESF meetings

Damning criticism

ESF demonstration: Damning criticism An almost all-British platform dominated the final demonstration - no wonder many of our European comrades were unhappy

Paying the price

ESF protests: Paying the price The London ESF was characterised by unprecedented levels of open dissent and protest against the bureaucratic stage-management of the whole event - inside and outside the official ESF structures. Mark Fischer reports

Avoiding cooperation

Phil Hamilton continues his round-up of the American left with a look at the website of the Socialist Equality Party

Gay bishop and the bigots

The Church of England is tearing itself apart over its stance towards homosexuals - inside and outside their communion. Michael Malkin reports

Patience and principle

It is no secret that the CPGB's engagement with the Respect coalition has provoked differences in our ranks. Yet, while often based on healthy revolutionary instincts, leftism is a trend that must be combated, argues Mark Fischer. Lenin's Leftwing communism - an infantile disorder can aide us

Battle for Fallujah rages

British troops should not be in Iraq - north or south, says Paul Greenaway

Learning lessons

In his regular column, Martin Schreader keeps us abreast of the US elections

For a social Europe

The CPGB took part in a meeting to launch a European-wide 'campaign for a social and democratic Europe', writes Anne McShane

Missed opportunity

It is a pity that our ESF did not manage to launch a united 'No' campaign in response to the EU constitutional treaty, says Peter Manson

Next stop - Athens 2006

Next ESF: Next stop - Athens 2006 Why did the SWP try to prevent the next ESF taking place in Athens? Tina Becker explains

For a programme of the European left

The Call of the Assembly of Social Movements is the closest to a political programme that the European left has

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