WW archive > Issue 547 - 07 October 2004


Personal; A bitt odd; Creature rant; Anti-semitism; Whose interest?; Who did what; WRP and Bull; Refreshing; AWL and imperialism; Iraq resistance; Join later; Sad SWP; Revisionist; ESF Snouts; Fake Nader; Centrist CPGB

Control-freakery dampens enthusiasm

The European Social Forum takes place in London from October 15-17. But, writes Tina Becker, do not expect any interesting debates among UK platform speakers at the plenary sessions. Socialist Action and the SWP have made sure that only those loyal to their own groups and London mayor Ken Livingstone will be heard. Rank and file trade unionists and independent thinkers from Britain will not be allowed to address the European left

No to the elected monarch

What does Blair's leadership announcement mean in constitutional terms? Once again, argues Mike Macnair, it points to the democratic deficit within the UK state

Women only and class

Women's liberation is not only a task for women, writes Elaine Harrison - and argues against women-only organisations


Martin Schreader reports from the latest developments in the US elections

Islam and the Bolshevik body politic

What should be the attitude of communists towards believers? Socialist Workers Party member Dave Crouch discussed the lessons of post-revolutionary Russia in his contribution to the CPGB's Communist University 2004

Dissappointment and hyperbole

Steve Cooke analyses Respect's vote in Hartlepool, where John Bloom achieved 1,82%

Don't criticise the oppressed

Phil Hamilton takes a look at the websites of the Workers World Party

Howard clutches at straws

Patrick Presland reports on the Tories' party conference - where Michael Howard was exposed as having no rounded programme whatsoever

Defend rank and file unity

The left in the Fire Brigades Union fights back against witch-hunting attacks, reports Alan Fox

Back on the rails

Bill Keane reports from Aslef's annual assembly of delegates

Don't rain on our parade

Less than 20 Respect members turned up to the all-Wales meeting, reports Cameron Richards

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