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Willy-wagging; CPGB "˜line'; Wake Up; Respect; Correction; Class collaboration; ESF website; Swansea murder; Imperialist AWL; All Zionist?; Abolish family; The other 9/11; imperialism; Beslan

Mobilising against Hartz IV in Germany

Over the last couple of months, up to 130,000 people have taken part in the so-called Montagsdemonstrationen (Monday demonstrations) against a new law attacking unemployment benefits. Could these provide the spark for the long overdue foundation of a real working class party? Tina Becker reports

All sorts of issues "¦ but don't mention abortion

Sarah Morris reports from the London Respect activists meeting on September 13

Platitudes and tempura prawns

Last week's TUC congress revealed the weakness not just of the TUC, but of the left as well. TGWU shop steward Peter Jackson reports.

Frank Furedi and abstract

Marc Simpson gives his view on the new book of a former leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party - who has clearly rejected Marxism

Criticising the oppressed

Is it impermissable to criticise homophobic Palestinians or Jamaican reggae artists? Peter Tatchell, Outrage's leading activist, explains his approach

Remaking the left

Hugo Braun is a leading member of Attac Germany, which he represents at preparatory meetings of the European Social Forum. He is also a member of the German Communist Party (DKP). Tina Becker spoke to him about the current political situation

Unchallengable consensus con

At the second attempt, we have finally chosen the 26 speakers "residing in Britain" who will addressthe 27 plenary sessions at the European Social Forum in October. But was the process any more democratic or the decision taken by 'consensus'? You must be kidding. Tina Becker reports

Conference motions

Support the CPGB's motion to the Respect conference: for the right to free abortion on demand; open borders; for democracy; a workers' wage for elected representatives; secularism

See no evil, hear no evil

Phil Hamilton has a look at the various official - and the slightly more interesting - unofficial website supporting John Kerry

One state, one party

Peter Manson reports from a meeting that celebrated the 84th anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) - and argues that comrades living in Britain should engage with and intervene in British politics

Which way to unity?

Mike Macnair reports from the last general members meeting of the Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform

Pre-election rumbles

Having to rely on the trade union machine to do some of the important donkey work in the next general election, Tony Blair is prepared to promise the unions a few crumbs, says Eddie Ford

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