WW archive > Issue 543 - 09 September 2004


Allegations; For secularisation; Appetite for unity; Rights; SWP and BNP; Conspiracy; Smoking bans; Not socialist; Stalin; imperialism; Emotional; Oh Happy Day; Gay Victory

Livingstone tightens his grip

The European Social Forum needs be democratised if it is to really help the left across Europe. But instead the whole thing is becoming more and more of a bureaucratic stitch-up. There is resentment and opposition but it is sullen and unorganised. Tina Becker and Anne Mc Shane report from the preparatory meeting held in Brussels over September 3-5

Culture clashes in Edinburgh

'P' for for politics is back in vogue at the Edinburgh Film Festival, reports Jim Gilbert Moody

Reorganisation - yet again

Ian Mahoney assesses the SWP's recent reorganisation - and doubts that this will solve the comrades' political and programmatic problems

What democracy looks like?

Martin Schreader reports from the recent mass demonstrations against the Republican convention in New York

Lenin and imperialism in the 21st century

What is the significance of Lenin's critique of imperialism today? Was it marred by moralism? Nick Rogers gives his view

Consider your tactics wisely, for yours is not an easy fight

Former Socialist Workers Party national committee member David Isaacson has joined the CPGB. Tellingly, and not without self-criticism, he details how on the one hand the SWP leadership perpetuates itself, and how, on the other, it depoliticises and demotivates. The result is a not a party but a bureaucratic sect which must be fought from the inside and the out

Still the death toll mounts

Paul Greenaway reports on the situation in Iraq

Putin follows in the bloody footsteps of Stalin and the tsars

No to Russian oppression, no the Chechen terrorism, says Eddie Ford

Some alternative

Phill Hamilton reports on the John Kerry campaign

Iraq puppet unions

Houzan Mahmoud argues that the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions should not be trusted

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