WW archive > Issue 541 - 12 August 2004


Red Green; White ken; White ken; Zero degrees north; Conscience?; Social democracy

Old themes, Good fun

Imperialism versus internationalism

In this concluding article, Mike Macnair argues that our most powerful enemy is the imperialist state. That is why communists are revolutionary defeatists

Murder of a militant miner

Dave Douglass mourns the death of Keith Frogson, the pit militant in the Nottingham coalfield - and explains how the legacy of the Miners Great Strike from 1984-85 still divides communities today

Ancient, modern, rotten

Phil Kent looks at the history of the Olympic Games

Defend the union, defend rank and file

Alan Fox reports on the latest developments in the Fire Brigades Union

Inquisitor attacks women's rights

Putting our own house in order

Terry Teague is secretary of the Liverpool-based Campaign for a Mass Party of the Working Class. Peter Manson spoke to him

Force imperialism out of Iraq

Working class forces in Iraq must take the lead, argues Eddie Ford

Loyal opposition

Phil Hamilton reviews the website of the Socialist Unity Network

Popular expression and human values

British Museum Status symbols: identity and belief on modern badges free entrance, ends January 2005

United or republican?

Old themes, good fun

I, robot general release

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