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All at once?; Print weapon; Bullying; Korean sources; Can't count; Smear; Courteous stoning; Saddened; Livingstone; Warped perspective; Violent

Urgent appeal

No more exclusions at the European Social Forum!

Rebuilding a party of labour

In his monthly column, Graham Bash (Labour Left Briefing) looks at the launch of the LRC, Livingstone and the task of revolutionaries in relation to the Labour Party

Unsurpassable horizon?

Liam O Ruairc reviews Jean-Paul Sartre's 'Critique of dialectical reason: theory of practical ensembles' (translated by Alan Sheridan), Verso, 2004, pp836, £20

Prioritise democracy

Phil Kent attended 'Ideas for Freedom', the Alliance for Workers Liberty's annual school, on July 3-4

Break the cycle of failure

Nick Rogers outlines the immediate tasks of the Respect unity coalition and calls on socialists to come together in order to achieve a positive outcome

Good start made

Dave Lewis reports from the foundation of the Labour Representation Committee, a new alliance of Constituency Labour Party activists, trade unionists and left MPs

Forward to the jamahiriya

Simon Harvey of the Socialist Labour Party takes a closer look at Dave Roberts, the SLP candidate who is standing against Respect's Yvonne Ridley in Leicester South - and finds a rather distasteful and homophobic past

Scapegoats and witch-hunts

The Italians and the Weekly Worker have together almost brought about the collapse of the London European Social Forum - or so the story goes. All the while, Ken Livingstone is allowed to exploit the ESF for his own purposes, reports Tina Becker

Michael Moore: Radical populist

Many on the left might criticise Michael Moore's liberal politics and crude film-making. However, communists can learn a lot from his ability to influence the political landscape. Phil Hamilton takes a look at his website

Speak out on abortion

Respect must stand in defence of a woman's right to choose, argues Peter Manson

Political voice

LRC coordinating committee and Communication Workers Union EC member Maria Exall spoke to the Weekly Worker

Show (trial) time?

Mike Macnair looks at the highly hypocritical trial of Saddam Hussein

Summer Offensive: Twitchy

Ian Mahoney calls on friends and supporters of the CPGB to help with our intervention in this year's Marxism (the SWP's annual 'festival') - to raise money for the Summer Offensive

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