WW archive > Issue 533 - 17 June 2004


PLO homophobia; Aslef truth; True Aslef; Korean utopia; Vote Labour; Vote socialist; Vote UKIP

SP retains two, loses one

Alan Fox evalutates the remainder of the Thursday's left results

Exasperated voices raised in protest

Anne Mc Shane and Tina Becker report on the latest developments in the organisation of the European Social Forum, to be held in London over October 15-17.

Political islam and surrogate nationalism

Ian Donovan replies to Mike McNair on why communists should support the insurgency in Iraq.

ESF: British provincialism

Criticism of the high-handed, secretive and undemocratic methods of the main organisers of the London ESF are not restricted to the democratic opposition in Britain. A report to the Italian mobilising committee, of which we publish extracts here, has been translated and posted on ESF discussion sites. Written by Gianfranco Benzi, Piero Bernocchi, Maurizio Biosa, Alessandra Mecozzi and Franco Russo, it is also highly critical of the 'provincialism' of the British organisers. Although intended only for Italian consumption, its release provoked a terse response from Alex Callinicos of the SWP and a further public elaboration from the Italians

The people's flag is deepest red "¦ and white

Jem Jones gives a communist view of the nationalism around Euro 2004

Respect: site for struggle

Peter Manson analyses the 'Super Thursday' election results.

Taking our class nowhere

Martin Blum looks at the results of the Euro-elections on a European scale.

Fighting Fund

Reality CP

100 years of solitude

Phil Hamilton reviews the SPGB's website.

Socialist Party stung by opposition

Lee Rock looks at the behaviour of the left in the PCSU

Left Results

A look at the Left's performance in the recent, European Parliamentary, London Assembly and mayoral elections

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