WW archive > Issue 532 - 10 June 2004


Only a man; Male justice; AWL and MAB; PJP and Respect; Aslef

March on Arkwright Road

Dean Hooper evaluates the latest elements in the ASLEF affair

Imperialist commemoration

Ian Donovan looks at the reality behind the myths being spun in the D-Day commemorations.

Summer Offensive: Web cash call

Mark Fischer appeals for support from web-readers for the CPGB's annual Summer Offensive

Libel wars and spin

Alan Fox reports on the latest developments in the conflicts between Respect and George Galloway with the capitalist press.

Big bomb or damp squib?

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group looks at the state of left unity projects today.

Reassertion of US imperialism's power

Marcus Strom gives his view of the life and death of Ronald Reagan

Seeing Red - After June 10: crucial turning point for SWP

David Broder of the CPGB's minority RED Platform looks at the prospects for the Socialist Workers Party after the elections.

Ken Livingstone - Not so red

Phil Hamilton reviews Ken Livingstone's campaign website.

In the interests of freedom

John Davidson reviews Niall Ferguson's American colossus

How not to make friends and influence people

Tina Becker looks at the latest development with the European Social Forum.

The politics of 'taking sides'

Mike McNair questions why socialists should 'take sides' in the current conflict in Iraq.

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