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By any means necessary

In a continuing series debating the correct perspectives for communists in Iraq, Ian Donovan replies to the arguments of Mike Macnair in last week's paper. He argues that no strategy for the defeat of imperialism can be based on the view that islamic resistance forces are as much to be opposed as occupiers: and emphasises the demand for the latter's defeat by any means necessary.

Movement from below

Antonis Manitakis, who represented the Greek party, Synapsismos (which has two members in the European parliament), at the Rome conference on the EU constitution spoke to the Weekly Worker.

Our vision for London

As the mayoral elections approach, and millions of Londoners are asked to choose between visions of their city's future, a heady sense of excitement is slowly but surely failing to build up. From 'Red' Ken to Respect, the candidates are offering no vision. Jem Jones fills the gap.

Fight for US-UK defeat

In this week's Party Notes, Marcus Ström argues that the main task facing US and UK workers is to force an end to the occupation, and get the troops out of Iraq: we should welcome their defeat even at the hands of al-Sadr. However, Iraqi communists should aim to ensure that the working class, armed with a democratic and secular programme, emerges as the leading political force.

Divided they fall

The Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain holds its annual congress over the weekend of May 29-30: and are likely to highlight serious divisions. Despite the protests of some CPB members that these are mere personality clashes, Alan Rees argues that they are lodged in the opportunist DNA of the party, and are political, not personal.

Across the Irish Sea

The catholic church is once again making abortion a major political issue. Despite this attack on women's rights, Respect's sole MP, George Galloway, uses the press to highlight his opposition to abortion. Meanwhile the Socialist Workers Party opts for diplomatic silence. Anne Mc Shane examines the struggle in Ireland, where the church still holds sway over abortion rights

Vote republican socialist

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group calls on the CPGB to rejoin the Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform, and to vote for Respect (and other candidates) conditionally according to their support for republican and socialist demands.

Socialism deferred

In the wake of the recent India elections, Around the Web explores the websites of the Indian communist parties, and Phil Hamilton reflects on their politics and the tasks facing Indian communists.

Rediscover CPGB politics!

Ben Lewis is amongst those CPGB comrades who have recently joined the Red Platform. In doing so, he feels he is defending the politics which led him to join the CPGB in the first place.

Our Europe or theirs

Over 100 representatives from across Europe gathered in Rome on May 22-23 to begin a discussion on the left's response to the draft constitution of the European Union. Although it is the main political organisation controlling the preparation for this year's European Social Forum in London, the Socialist Workers Party was nowhere to be seen. Tina Becker reports

Scargill expels Brar

Harpal Brar and the Stalinites who backed Arthur Scargill's previous purges in the Socialist Labour Party have now been purged themselves. Simon Harvey wonders how long it will be before Arthur has finished sawing through the branch he is sitting on.

Pushing the party forward!

June 1 sees the launch of the 20th Summer Offensive of the Communist Party of Great Britain. Anne Mc Shane explains this annual funding campaign, and relates it to the wider political struggle.

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