WW archive > Issue 528 - 13 May 2004


Editorial cuts; US left; Bread and butter; Extremely rightwing; Build CPGB; Responsible sex; Small-minded; Vote Lucy; Vote Liz; Abortion row; CPGB opportunism; Undemocratic

Fringe speeches

Wilful misunderstanding

Around the web: anti-abortion websites

Fears of middle America

Channel 4, Tuesday May 11 Aileen: the life and death of a serial killer

Battling for control

Over recent years 'pro-lifers' have not so much attacked a woman's right to choose directly: they have adopted salami tactics. Eddie Ford revisits the fight for safe abortions, the history of counterattacks, and questions Respect's significant silence on this vital issue

Stay or go?

George and the right to choose

With apologies to the Twilight Zone, Manny Neira invites you to take a journey into the imagination: what if ...?

Conference shambles

Strengths, flaws, contradictions

George Galloway I'm not the only one Penguin Books, 2004, pp185, £10

Fighting capacity

How to build the CPGB - and how not to

seeing red

Imperialism out of Iraq!

Privileged information

ESF: Tina Becker reports on the latest paranoid twist: basic information now being given out on a strictly need to know basis

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