WW archive > Issue 525 - 22 April 2004


Liquidationist; Witch road; Subjectivism; Like a shot; Twitchy; Foredoomed; BNP nationalism; Popular front

Truer than fact

BBC2, Tuesday April 13 Hawking

Uniting our movements

Tina Becker interviews Piero Bernocchi, representative of the leftwing Italian trade union, Cobas, at the ESF

Towards a party of the left

Socialist filmmaker Ken Loach is a Respect candidate for the European Union list in London. Peter Manson spoke to him about the coalition's prospects

Bad methods slammed

Over 250 people were in Istanbul for the latest assembly to prepare for the European Social Forum 2004, which will take place from October 14-17 in London. Tina Becker reports from a meeting which saw the Socialist Workers Party and their allies take a beating

Behind closed doors

Aslef - www.aslef.org.uk

For self-determination and national rights

Iraq and Palestine: linked struggles for liberation

Plaid Cymru conference: monolithic stage show

Votes of conscience and women's rights

Party notes

Find answers in Labour, not Respect

The right to know

Jesus: a revolutionary and a communist

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