WW archive > Issue 525 - 22 April 2004


Liquidationist; Witch road; Subjectivism; Like a shot; Twitchy; Foredoomed; BNP nationalism; Popular front

Bad methods slammed

Over 250 people were in Istanbul for the latest assembly to prepare for the European Social Forum 2004, which will take place from October 14-17 in London. Tina Becker reports from a meeting which saw the Socialist Workers Party and their allies take a beating

Uniting our movements

Tina Becker interviews Piero Bernocchi, representative of the leftwing Italian trade union, Cobas, at the ESF

The right to know

Plaid Cymru conference: monolithic stage show

Votes of conscience and women's rights

Party notes

For self-determination and national rights

Iraq and Palestine: linked struggles for liberation

Jesus: a revolutionary and a communist

Truer than fact

BBC2, Tuesday April 13 Hawking

Behind closed doors

Aslef - www.aslef.org.uk

Towards a party of the left

Socialist filmmaker Ken Loach is a Respect candidate for the European Union list in London. Peter Manson spoke to him about the coalition's prospects

Find answers in Labour, not Respect

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