WW archive > Issue 523 - 08 April 2004


Vote Respect?; Right move; Bickering; Shove Respect; Auto-Labourism; Demoralisation; Green recruit; Patience

No respect for borders

Every worker legal - unity coalition must take the lead

Forgive and forget?

What should the attitude of militants to the strikebreakers of 1984-85? Dave Douglass, branch secretary of Hatfield Main National Union of Mineworkers, looks at the whole range of emotional, tactical, principled and opportunistic responses

Migrant horror stories

Around the web: tabloid websites

PCSU: Winning strategy needed

Firm foundations needed

Respect meeting reports

Flesh and blood

Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ (general release)

Communist tactics, not sectarian subjectivism

Build Respect, fight for principle

Party notes

No unconditional vote for Respect!

The following argument against the resolution passed at the March 21 aggregate of the CPGB was drafted by Manny Neira and is supported by fellow members Peter Grant, Jem Jones, Ben Lewis, David Moran and Cameron Richards

Defend the Socialist Alliance

British socialism at crossroads

Why does the left in England lag behind, compared to the achievements of the Scottish Socialist Party? SSP member Nick Rogers examines the reasons and discusses the prospects for Respect

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