WW archive > Issue 522 - 01 April 2004


Not long to wait; Forerunner; Loud and proud; Visceral hatred; Contradiction?; Defying Respect

Galloway police apology

George Galloway has received an apology for his detention by special branch officers at Heathrow Airport on Friday March 12

Vote Respect

Marcus Ström explains why, despite all our criticisms of Respect, we advocate a vote for George Galloway, John Rees and Michael Lavalette in the European elections on June 10

Students Labour loses NUS presidency

Kat Fletcher, who left the Alliance for Workers' Liberty a year ago, defeated her Labour rival by a margin of two votes to become the new NUS president. James Bull and Tina Becker report

Out of the blue

The latest on the CPGB's fundraising efforts

Around the web: Israel's Frankenstein

Phil Hamilton looks at the website of Hamas

European Social Forum: Control and 'consensus'

Preparations for the 2004 ESF are being stepped up, despite the bureaucracy and gagging orders. Tina Becker reports on the latest developments

Respect South West: yes to republic

The Respect South West convention for the nomination of candidates was held in Bristol on Sunday March 26 with about 150 present. Joe Wills was there

Miners Great Strike: Aftermath of defeat

In the last of his series on the miners' Great Strike, Ian Donovan looks at its effects in the years that followed

From avant-garde to 'socialist realism'

Review: Cornelius Cardew, 'Stockhausen serves imperialism', Ubuclassics, 2004

Build the Democracy Platform

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group considers whether the failure of the SWP-led Socialist Alliance is the end of the road, or whether a new Socialist Alliance can rise from the ashes

No to reactionary anti-Zionism

Eddie Ford examines the origins and world view of Hamas

Students debate strike

A good number of people, mainly students, came to the March 26 Sheffield Communist Forum to hear ex-miner Dave Douglass talk on the lessons of the miners' Great Strike. Ben Lewis was there

SSP conference: Nationalism holds sway

Sarah McDonald reports from the Scottish Socialist Party's March 27-28 conference in Edinburgh, which saw around 500 delegates in attendance

Election cash appeal

Respect has set a highly ambitious target of raising half a million pounds and recruiting 10,000 members in just over two months

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