WW archive > Issue 521 - 25 March 2004


Hunger strikes; Arrogance; Anarchism

Opening the second front

When the dockers walked out on unofficial strike in July 1984, for a time the miners seemed to have victory within their grasp. Alan Stevens, then a union militant in London docks, recalls the decisive moments

Sharon boosts islamists

Pursuing the truth

Candidate demands open borders

Respect meeting: North East London

Leadership still lags behind the led

On March 20, coordinated protests around the world commemorated the first anniversary of the US-UK invasion of Iraq: in the US, Italy, Spain, Australia, Greece, Holland, Germany, and of course Britain. Manny Neira joined them in London

Populism or principle

Respect meeting: Barnet and Camden

Solidarity squandered

In the third article of his series Ian Donovan looks at the attempts to coordinate action alongside the miners

Assessing Respect

CPGB aggregate

Two conferences

Party notes

Digging for inspiration

Around the web: other mining unions

Mixed message

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