WW archive > Issue 519 - 11 March 2004


Splitter!; Smears; Tactical BNP vote; Highest form

Lesser evilism or class politics

Lambeth and Southwark Respect

Fighting shy of principles


Control-freaks criticised

Around 150 people attended the March 6-7 assembly to prepare for the European Social Forum in London - and witnessed some rather inelegant twists and turns by the Socialist Workers Party, reports Tina Becker

New Greens pose left

Party notes

Strategic confrontation in the making

In the first of a series of articles Ian Donovan examines the background to the miners' Great Strike

Good pictures, wrong conclusions

David Douglass, Doncaster NUM panel picket coordinator and area executive member during the Great Strike, reviews Socialist Worker's special issue, 'The miners' strike 1984-85'

Democracy and two minorities

Socialist Alliance

Free the prisoners

Iratxe Urizar works for Behatokia, the Basque Observatory of Human Rights which highlights the plight of the 700 or so political prisoners currently being held in France, Spain, Mexico, the UK and Argentina. The organisation also campaigns against Spanish legislation introduced last year aimed at banning the nationalist Batasuna (Basque for 'unity'). Comrade Urizar, in London for the ESF assembly, spoke to the Weekly Worker

Reject SWP control-freakery

Electoralism not so bad

Hackney Respect

Questioning our times

Andy de la Tour (writer-director), 'Question time', The Arcola (Dalston Kingsland, Silverlink), £10 (concessions: £6; Tuesdays: pay what you can). Ends March 20

Recharging the batteries

Out of the pits

Around the web

Fight inside Respect

Backing for Page in GLA seat

Lewisham and Greenwich Respect

Support in principle

European Social Forum

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