WW archive > Issue 516 - 19 February 2004


Waste of time; Drugs; Crèche crisis

Separatism or building unity?

The CPGB hosted a debate with Leanne Wood at our February 11 Cardiff Communist Forum around the question, 'Is there a Welsh road to socialism?' Cameron Richards reports

George Monbiot quits

The environmental campaigner and Guardian columnist, George Monbiot, has resigned from Respect. Luke Zephyr reports

No respect for principles

In pursuit of the latest 'get-rich-quick' scheme of Respect, the Socialist Workers Party has dumped the demand for 'open borders'. Eddie Ford takes a closer look

European Social Forum: No bans or exclusions

The February 12 meeting of the European Social Forum UK organising committee saw a lively discussion on inclusivity, openness and the participation of political parties. Tina Becker was there

Hiding their views

Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels 'Communist manifesto' (introduction by Chris Harman), Bookmarks classic, London 2003, pp33, £1

Bush's Iraqification crisis

Two months after the capture of Saddam Hussein, it is becoming clearer and clearer that the US-UK coalition forces are embroiled in an extremely sticky and dangerous quagmire, says Ian Donovan

European Left Party: small step forward

On January 11, representatives from 11 parties met in Berlin and agreed to call a founding congress of this new organisation. Tina Becker reports

Mars, the bringer of war

A new space race is in the offing, says Jack Conrad

Around the web: All things to all people

After a long time in the pipeline, Respect has finally unleashed its website on the world. Was it worth the wait? Phil Hamilton takes a look

SWP loses allies

Over recent weeks, the Socialist Workers Party's 'anti-capitalist' front, Globalise Resistance, has had to update its website rather frequently, because of a string of resignations. Tina Becker reports

On the left of Wales

Leanne Wood is a Plaid Cymru member of the Welsh assembly. Mark Fischer spoke to her after the February 11 Wales Communist Forum in Cardiff

Respect and our next steps

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group proposes a "viable political strategy outside Respect" for the Democracy Platform of the Socialist Alliance

Where next for PCSU dispute?

CPGB member Lee Rock is the Public and Commercial Services Union London regional organiser for department of work and pension (DWP) staff. Peter Manson asked him about the February 16-17 strike

Resignation letter to Globalise Resistance

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