WW archive > Issue 508 - 11 December 2003

Declaration launched

Respect: draft declaration matches the pig of a name


Marginal left; Unity Coalition; Ungentlemanly; Mandates; SSP or Labour

ESF - learn from mistakes

Tina Becker reports the latest from the European Social Forum

Put socialism at core of coalition

Nick Wrack, chair of the Socialist Alliance, has issued a statement welcoming the Respect coalition's draft declaration of principles and announcement that it is to contest the European and Greater London Authority elections in June 2004

Break with yellow unions

Houzan Mahmoud of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq reports on how one British left group continues to side with the Ba'athist oppressors who once ruled Iraq

Bush, Blair - hands off Iraq!

A campaign of solidarity with the democratic, progressive and secular forces fighting against the occupation is long overdue, argues Ian Mahoney

HQ wrecked

Statement of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) protesting against the attack by the US occupation forces

Collapsing democratic centralism

The following statement was issued by John Pearson before his expulsion. Despite his fulsome apologies he makes clear his intention to continue voting against CPGB positions. He would do so either when he claimed not to have received "prior notice" or under cover of a mandate from Stockport Socialist Alliance

Democracy Platform and Respect

The first committee meeting of the newly formed Democracy Platform of the Socialist Alliance took place in Birmingham on December 6.

Selective hearing

Around the web: Labour Party

Electoral deal ratified

Peter Manson reports on the French left and the EU elections

Draft declaration

Respect coalition's draft declaration of principles

R for republicanism

Dave Craig urges respect for republicanism

Socialist Party gains second Lewisham councillor

Peter Manson reports on the election of Chris Flood

Wanted - an anti-capitalist transitional programme

In the light of the electoral agreement struck between Lutte Ouvrière and the Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire, Emile Fabrol of Gauche Communiste (a revolutionary faction within the Parti Communiste Franà§ais) examines the possibilities for left unity in France following the mass strikes of May-June 2003

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